The following are random news and notes contributed by readers of this website.

The Undertaker is being advertised in Portland, Oregon as appearing at the 5/30 SmackDown! taping in a handicap match against The Great Khali and Mark Henry. It may be a post-show dark match, though. (Thanks to Jason Cobarrubias)

I live in Fayetteville, NC and received an advertisement email from WWE. The RAW that follows Vengeance on June 26 advertises John Cena defending the WWE title against Edge. Just thought you’d like to know. (Thanks to Shane Barry)

Just wanted to let you know I live in the Southwest Washington area near Portland Oregon where they are having the first ever Smackdown taping at the Rose Garden on May 30th and they’ve been running ads for the past few weeks of a Great Khali and Mark Henry vs Undertaker handicap match main event. Although if you go to the Rose Garden’s website they have Orlando Jordan, US Champ JBL, and Tag Champs MNM scheduled to appear so take it for what its worth. (Thanks to GrWils709) has an article on the Sci-Fi Network airing ECW programming upon its’ full time return as a seperate wrestling brand after the One Night Stand pay-per view. The article pretty much bashes Sci-Fi for adding ECW to its’ schedule. Read the article at (Thanks to Thelonelyone1851)