On RAW this week it was revealed that Vince McMahon granted Paul Heyman two free draft picks from the WWE roster. One from RAW, one from SmackDown!

As predicted, Rob Van Dam will be leaving RAW for ECW which Heyman confirmed on TV would be returning full-time. The SmackDown! pick however, was unexpected.

Many assumed it would be Tazz jumping, especially with Jerry Lawler trashing him on RAW it was expected Tazz vs. Lawler at One Night Stand, which still could happen, but Heyman described the full-time returning ECW as being some of what it used to be, but also having a new vision.

Heyman revealed this new vision with his draft pick from SmackDown, who was introduced on RAW live and was none other than Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. Angle came out and beat up Mick Foley, who was representing WWE in the “face-off” with Heyman.