ECW Star Returning To XCW, Rodney Mack, PPVs & More

ECW wrestler Axl Rotten will be returning to action with XCW before he steps into an ECW ring. Axl Rotten, who played a major part in ECW and has also signed a contact with WWE to play a role in the new ECW, is confirmed to be competing at this Saturday s XCW True Life Playerz Ball. Also appearing, former WCW star- the legendary "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. "Dr. Death" and his patented "Oklahoma Stampede" move is sure to make an impact at the XCW arena. Other matches scheduled for the Playerz Ball are Kevin Paine vs. Al Jackson in a tapped fist Getto match, and The Total Playa Scott McKenzie vs. Axl Rotten. For those who are interested in attending the live event, doors open at 8:00pm at the XCW Arena in Denton, Texas. Admission fee is $10.


XCW is also proud to announce that Adelphia Cable and XCW have come to terms to show XCW PPV s and VOD in areas: Buffalo, NY, Los Angeles, CA, West Palm Beach, FL, Canton, GA, Waterbury, CT and anywhere Adephia cable is offered. You will be able to watch all the latest XCW in your face classic wrestling action on Adelphia Cable!

Currently on PPV and VOD on Adelphia Cable is XCW Battle Box 7 featuring wrestlers such as former WWE superstar Rodney Mack all in action competing in Ladder matches, Tables, Barbed Wire matches and a whole load more. To top it off, the Battle Box Steel Cage Finale!

XCW is currently in negotiations with several pro wrestlers to bring them to the XCW! At the moment things are looking good, however nothing can be leaked as it is not 100% confirmed and could also be a nice surprise! XCW will be updating you on all XCW happenings as soon as it happens! XCW is also in negotiations with several other cable companies looking to air XCW in the near future, so be sure to keep checking your cable listings for XCW!


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