Full TNA iMPACT! Spoilers For The Next 3 Weeks

Richard Trionfo called in the following spoilers for the TNA Impact tapings:

Impact for June 1

Jeff Jarrett comes to Mike Tneay’s position to demand to know who he is facing in the King of the Mountain Qualifier. Tenay says that Jarrett will know when everyone else does. Scott Steiner comes out and drags Don West into the ring. Steiner demands that Larry Zbyszko to come out and announce that Steiner will be wrestling Sting. Sting comes out and they brawl. Jarrett backs up the ramp, right into Raven. Everyone brawls.

NWA Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted defeated The Naturals after James Storm hit Chase Stevens with a bottle. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels came out during the match to prevent AMW from using the baton. Stevens refused to use it at one point. Shane Douglas came out after the match.

Jeremy Borash questioned Alex Shelley about working with Kevin Nash. Nash walks in and said he’s going to make Shelley a star.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Raven to qualify for the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. They brawled through the crowd and there were some table spots. Raven missed an elbow through a table. Jarrett tried to use a guitar but Zbyszko grabbed it. Raven accidentally hit Zbyszko and Jarrett caught him with the stroke.

Jay Lethal pinned Alex Shelley with a rollup. Kevin Nash got on the apron but Lethal whipped Shelley into Nash, getting the pin. After the match, Nash and Shelley attacked Lethal. Chris Sabin made the save and challenged Nash to a match at Slammiversary.

Team 3D is interviewed in the back, talking about The James Gang promo from last week saying, “It was just as funny eight years ago when they did it.” They said that the James Gang crossed the line and that they were jealous of Team 3D. They said that they will “defend the honor of the bingo hall” and will show the legacy of the Bingo Hall next week.

In Larry Zbyszko’s office, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels demand a rematch with AMW. Zbyszko gives it to them at Slammiversary. Slick Johnson comes in and says the new face of TNA may be debuting before the PPV.

Jeremy Borash was at the Spanish Announce Table. Konnan tells Borash that he shouldn’t cross the border into his area because he’s not Latino.

Impact June 8

Sting defeated Scott Steiner, DQ after Jeff Jarrett broke up a pin attempt. Earl Hebner was the referee. Jarrett and Steiner attack Sting. Ron Killings, Christian Cage, and Abyss all hit the ring, setting off a melee. Steiner grabs the mic and demanded to be in the King of the Mountain match. He says that if Larry Zbyszko doesn’t come out, he’ll stop the show. Chasyn Rance (a Florida wrestler) comes out and Steiner warns him not to go any further. Rance backs up and leaves. Samoa Joe comes out. Steiner and Joe face off in the ring and start brawling. Security separates them.

Sonjay Dutt pinned Jerelle Clark after a standing shooting star press. Konnan did commentary with Mike Tenay and Don West.

Chris Sabin & The James Gang defeated Team Canada’s A-1 & Bobby Roode & Eric Young. BG James cut a promo saying they were going to the Bingo Hall to make it famous. Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash were in one of the bleachers. Sabin pinned A-1 with a top rope legdrop.

Christy Hemme gives a note to Don West. West announces Joe vs. Steiner at Slammiversary.

Impact June 15

*NWA champion Christian Cage comes out and cuts a promo on his four challengers at Slammiversary. Before he gets to Sting, Sting comes out. he and Cage goes back and forth. Cage asked if Sting was out there to steal his thunder. Sting said that he’s only in TNA to get rid of Jeff Jarrett. Cage asked if he would take the chance to win the belt at Slammiversary if he had it. Sting said that he would. Cage said that Sting once said that the worst thing that could happen to TNA would be for Jeff Jarrett to win the NWA title. Cage said the worst thing that could happen would be for Cage not to be champion.

Elix Skipper and David Young defeated The Naturals after Simon Diamond interfered. The Naturals chase Diamond into the crowd. When they pass the LAX at the Spanish Announce Table, LAX attack the Naturals. Shane Douglas comes out. He asks what the deal is with the Naturals because they came to him because they were squandering their talent. He said that they wanted to go to the top but they are blowing their opportunities. He said that Chris Candido took them to the NWA Tag Team titles and said that he’s tired of jackasses trying to ruin the legacy that he and Candido built. Douglas said that the “jackass in Stamford” can kiss his extreme dream away. Douglas said that he’ll manage the Naturals and take them to the top again but that the road will be bumpy along the way.

Slick Johnson comes to the announcing table and says that the new face of TNA wants to see Larry Zbyszko right away.

Kevin Nash defeated Mr. X, a masked midget.

Monty Brown & Bobby Roode & America’s Most Wanted defeated Raven & Rhino & Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles after Brown hit a pounce on Daniels.


Ron Killings defeated Elix Skipper with an Ax Kick.

Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt defeated Petey Williams & Eric Young after Sabin hit the Cradle Shock on Williams for the three count.

Monty Brown pinned David Young with the Pounce. Brown then pounced Simon Diamond. Diamond and Young argued, then reconciled, hugged, and left.

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