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The reason for the massive beat down on Shawn Michaels last night was to set up an injury angle. As it was seen on Raw, Michaels has been wearing a knee brace for some time and has been dealing with a lot of pain in the knee. He is scheduled for an MRI today with the thinking that he will need some minor arthroscopic surgery on the knee. Right now they believe that it is a minor thing and that he will be back in time for the WWE Vengeance PPV June 25th, but that could change if the MRI shows something worse.

To clear up the report from the dark matches and Heat matches before Raw, it was Matt Striker vs. Shawn Osborne and Victoria vs. Cheerleader Melissa.

Here are the updated WWE PPV Buyrates for 2006: New Year’s Revolution: 340,000 buys. The Royal Rumble: 575,000 buys. No Way Out: 225,000 buys. WrestleMania: 930,000 buys. Backlash: 220,000 buys.