Homicide Upset In TNA, New iMPACT! Format, Dawn Marie/TNA, More

Homicide is very angry with the way he has been portrayed on TV as of late. He is also upset that he was not booked for the last set of TV tapings so the money could be used to book Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, and Buff Bagwelll. Homicide was told by Konnan to calm down and keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep his job but Homicide still continutes to express his concerns to TNA management.


TNA has made the decision to feature two or three matches per week on Impact, opposed to rushing four or five matches per week. Of course, this will impact how many faces you will see on a week to week basis.

Dawn Marie is interested in TNA, but not until she drops about 16 additional pounds.

On Saturday, Ron Killings and Konnan are scheduled to team up with a mystery partner at the AAA tapings in Tlaxacala.

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