Huge Evening Update: ECW Plans, Styles, Mysterio, Sabu, More

To follow up on a report earlier about WWE employees and wrestlers being very surprised about what Joey Styles was allowed to say in his promo on RAW last night about "quitting" the RAW announce team, it should be noted that Styles wrote the promo himself, submitted it to the creative department and it was later approved. Despite some staff being surprised by it, WWE management was said to be very pleased with how it went and felt it was a good way to kick off the new ECW brand in the coming weeks. One funny thing to note about Styles' promo was that many people wondered how the same WWE creative team could write something like that, yet write things like "boogers" and "poop" the night before at the Backlash PPV. As noted above, the extremely (no pun intended) well done promo was indeed written by Styles and not the WWE creative team. Our new ECW website located at has more on this story. is reporting that Joey Styles attacked WWE fans during his promo on RAW last night because WWE wants to make ECW a heel promotion of sorts to everyone except ECW fans. When the original ECW was around, a large percentage of ECW fans had a strong dislike for the mainstream options (WWE and WCW) and WWE is trying to recreate that feeling among the new ECW fanbase without salvaging WWE's reputation and name.

Based on what is known, Sabu was not backstage at the RAW taping last night in Columbus, OH. There were reports earlier this week stating that he could have possibly been meeting with WWE officials regarding the new ECW brand. has added photos and an article about World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio throwing out the first pitch earlier today at the Cincinnati Reds & St. Louis Cardinals game.

CiN Weekly has interview up with Booker T.

WWE tapes SmackDown in Cincinnati tonight. If you attend, send us a report!