iMPACT! Rating Is In, Raven To ECW?, & More News

The following are highlights from a conference call this afternoon with Raven. Raven said he felt a little burned out, and enjoyed the time way from the company. Raven prefers the 11PM time slot as he believes TNA is still a growing company. He likes the lead in with the Ultimate Fighter, and showed a vote of confidence by Spike TV. He said he will be wrestling Team Canada's A1 at the Sacrifice PPV. He doesn't like critics that tend to jump to snap judgments about TNA. For future stars, Raven pointed out Samoa Joe, despite his weight issues. Raven said the ECW issue is a touchy subject for him. He said they can't restart the revolution. Raven feels that ECW needs to re-invent itself, and believes Paul Heyman realizes that. Raven said he loves TNA, and has no desire to go back to ECW.


Impact on 5/4 scored a 0.9 cable rating. The show did a 1.0 rating with the 18-49 age group, and a 1.1 among the 18-34 age group.