Jericho Confirms WWE Status, Stacy Keibler Not Returning?, More

Chris Jericho was quoted in today's Edmonton Sun as saying: "I don't feel I have a hole in my life (without wrestling). I watched WrestleMania this year and that was really about the only time that I've missed it. I wouldn't mind coming back at some point. I never said I wouldn't be back. Depending on the situation, I would look forward to some day being back in front of the fans. I had a lot of fun being in the band. It was a blast playing in front of people, but there is nothing like being in front of a crowd in the ring."

Stacy Keibler told the "Loose Cannons" on AM 570 in Los Angeles on Friday "They hadn't written anything for me before 'Stars' why should I think they'll do it now? I don't see myself going back. Financially...we have to pay for most of our it's a really tough existence. It's time for a new chapter in my life."