Joey Styles Update, RAW News, Backlash, & More

- As if you already didn't know, Joey Styles "shooted" on RAW, but obviously it was a worked shoot, otherwise WWE would have shut the feed off immediately. The change was made to let Jim Ross return to RAW next Monday night. Joey Styles is expected to take over the "new" WWE-ECW this upcoming June.

- Next week on RAW, Mick Foley will face Edge in a Hardcore Match.

- has added a new part to their website called "WWE Main Event." For Backlash, you can simply buy the main event triple threat match for $9.99.

- As you may know, the TV business is now in the "May Sweeps" process, where they try to get the best ratings for better ad prices. According to, Of all the 58 shows that aired from Thursday (when "sweeps" began) thru last night, WWE Friday Night SmackDown! came in 46 of 58, beating a number of UPN comedies, a few WB comedies and a reality show, WB's "Survival of the Richest."