Johnny Ace Signs Two Females From A Swimsuit Catalog

Recently, Johnny Ace was looking in a Venus Swimwear catalog and two of the models in the catalog peaked his interest. He then called their modeling agency (Lou Maggio) and offered the two females contracts. Neither female had any interest in becoming wrestlers, or professional wrestling for that matter. The modeling agency suggested that they take the offers, and they did.

The two females in question go by the name of Barbie and Victoria. Their last names are not known at the moment. Barbie is blonde, 19 years old and from Jacksonville, Florida. She was described as being a deer in the headlights when she attended the Ohio Valley Wrestling headquarters in Louisville. Also, Barbie said that she never even watched wrestling, except for one time when she was five years old. Victoria, the other signee, is a 19 year old light-skinned African-American female.

Both girls are described as being nice people, and they are not rubbing anyone the wrong way, however they are said to be totally lost.

Lou Maggio of Venus Swimwear and Johnny Ace are apparently very good friends.