Kane Speaks, See No Evil Promotion & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

For those of you buying the Wrestlemania 22 DVD at BestBuy, they will be giving away a limited edition DVD previewing See No Evil with your purchase.

Kane was interviewed by a number of media outlets in the last several days. Here are some highlights from recent media pieces floating around:

MTV.com, featuring Kane discussing the depth of the film, saying, ""What people desire most, and what they do, is the way that they die. One character is extremely greedy, and that greed is used against him. Another character, her cell phone is used against her. That's another interesting aspect of the film that plot depth." When it was noted that he recently turned heel to help promote the film, Kane commented that he doesn't know whether he's a good guy or bad guy right now, and that he's going through changes in his character, which is "good for the WWE audience."

In the Edmonton Sun, Kane noted that the actual filming of "See No Evil" was done in December 2004 and he had to learn to deal with the waiting game of the film being released. He noted the differences between professional wrestling and feature film making, commenting, "Film people are always amazed at what we do (in wrestling). Our time factor blows them out of the water. Doing a movie, you can shoot one scene all day. In a live WWE show, we have one take and it always has to be perfect."

Kane was also interviewed by Movieweb.com, noting his first reactions to seeing the finished product: "I was thrilled; I spent the first 15 minutes thinking, "This looks like a movie." For the next hour and 15 minutes, I didn't think about that anymore, because I got sucked into watching myself on the screen with the story and visually how well the movie is done. I knew it was going to be a competent solid movie, and after I saw it, I was so excited, I could barely contain myself."