Kane vs. Kane Angle, Tazz vs. Lawler, Vince, & More News

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

WWE talked with a few members of Vince's McMahon "Kiss My Ass Club" on WWE.com. William Regal and Jim Ross talk about what it means to them to be members of this prestigious club.


WWE's "Wreckless Intent" CD debuted on the Billboard charts at number eight with 66,000 copies sold.

Dave Scherer reports that Vince McMahon didn t like the way the Kane vs. Kane angle came off on Monday night, so much that there is talk of dropping the angle all together with no explanation.

The current storyline is designed to setup a Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler match. For six rumored matches for the ECW PPV, visit ECWWrestlingNews.com.