(Credit: PWInsider.com & WrestlingObserver.com)

On the Wrestlemania 22 DVD set, in the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, Gene Okerlund’s theme music was edited off and replaced with sweetened crowd noise.

“Psycho Midget Wrestling Vol.1:Uncensored” will be available on In Demand PPV on July 19.

A wrestling cartoon TV show being produced by Rob Zombie called The Haunted World of Super Beasto. The cartoon is about a retired Mexican pro wrestler living in the world of Monsterland. Paul Giamatti plays the voice of lead heel Dr. Satan.

WWE has trademarked “Biggest Party of the Summer”, which is the theme for SummerSlam 2006.

Lance Storm has updated his commentary, he mentioned how the current creative storylines in RAW, SmackDown, and TNA have all made him decide to take a break from watching professional wrestling on television.