London/Kendrick, Ross/Styles, Mickie James, Foley Lies, More

Partial Source: has added an article on Paul London and Brian Kendrick. In the article, Kendrick talks about why he abruptly left WWE in 2004 among some other topics.

Apparently, WWE wants to be both a work and a shoot/insider site. WWE likes to use to advance storylines at times, however, they also want to report legitimate news on the site. In some cases, such as the stories about Jim Ross and Joey Styles this past week, it will be a blend of a work and a shoot.

Fans can meet Mickie James at Milo's Collectibles in Manteca, California on Saturday from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Milo s Collectibles is located at 516 East Yosemite, Manteca, CA. Please call 209-825-0088 for more details.

Mick Foley has posted a new blog on where he admits he lied on RAW this past Monday when he said his hardcore match with Edge was the greatest of his career.