The poster for WWE Vengeance features Triple H and John Cena, however, WWE gives off another hint in regards to the impending reunion of DX as “DX” is purposely airbrushed over the poster. The poster is courtesy of the online WWE newsletter, thus proving that it is not a fake.

British woman wrestler Nikita (Katrina Waters) is considered to be the top woman wrestler in all of Europe. She will be leaving the U.K. for the U.S. in June after signing a WWE developmental deal with WWE last week. No decision has been made yet in regards to where she will be training at. She had a pre-show tryout in Manchester back in November, and she was at the U.K. tapings a few weeks ago.

At last nights TNA Sacrifice PPV, the screen temporarily froze near the conclusion of the opening match between Jushin Liger and Petey Williams. The screen remained frozen until it was replaced by a blue screen saying “TNA Will be Right Back!” When the screen came back on, the match was over and Samoa Joe was giving an interview. For anyone wondering about the result of the match, Jushin Liger pinned Petey Williams after a facebuster. They re-shot the Samoa Joe backstage segment later in the show so it could air live.

Alex Marvez of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel interviewed Raven for his weekly column. In the article, Raven talks about his current health and his recent time away from TNA. Raven said, “I really abused myself for a long, long time and now I’m paying the price for it. For a while, I didn’t care about myself physically or emotionally. I think what happened is when you abuse your body long enough, it rebels.”