Major News & Preview For RAW Tonight


Nothing is a safe bet as RAW rolls into Las Vegas on May 22.

After getting screwed out of his one-on-one rematch with John Cena last week, Triple H nailed Shane McMahon with a sledgehammer during the main event. The Game said it was an accident. But Mr. McMahon demands that Triple H make a public apology this Monday night on RAW.


Also, Mr. McMahon has issued another order for RAW. The Chairman has declared that on Monday night, Shawn Michaels will be forced to take on all five members of the Spirit Squad in a handicap match. Will HBK be able to overcome these seemingly insurmountable odds?

Last week, the mysterious woman attacked Mickie James again, and Trish Stratus introduced her as the Women s Champion s old friend Beth. Beth then told Mickie that she d never let her get away with what she did. I know I m not the only one wondering exactly what it is&so will we find out on Monday night?

Tune into RAW Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA network to find out.