Maven/Playboy, Coach/Benjamin Team, Brooke Hogan Turns 18, More

With Mama Benjamin almost surely gone from WWE, the company is thinking about having Jonathan Coachman manage Shelton Benjamin.

Want to book the champ for an autograph session? WWE charges $10,000 per two hour autograph session with John Cena. Yes, that's the highest on the roster.

On the Surreal Life, Maven consoled Andrea Lowell, a former Playboy model that feels Florence Henderson looks down on her because she likes to take her clothes off all the time. Awww.

"Hogan Knows Best" over the weekend had an over protective papa Hogan concerned about a guy trying to help Brooke with a musical gig. This storyline is getting repetitive. Speaking of Brooke, she turned 18 yesterday. Now what is Hogan gonna do, brother?