Booker T’s victory in the fight with Batista has earn him extra lockerroom respect. One source stated that Booker T dominated Batista due to having more street fighting experience.

Booker T did take a very personal verbal shot at Batista, however, one source said that it did not come until the situation became very heated. No one blames Booker T for what he did, as the general feeling backstage is that Batista has become very arrogant since wining the World Title.

The latest on the Booker T-Batista fight at the commercial shoot for Summerslam 2006 is that it was real. Batista’s face was apparently cut up after the incident with Booker T having a black eye that was visible on SmackDown! last week. A close friend of Batista informed everyone it was a work, but many speculate it is just so Batista can save face since Booker T was the clear winner of the fight.

Batista was supposedly rubbing people the wrong way while talking about how SmackDown!’s ratings has dropped since he’s been gone and basically making it like he was the only attraction on SmackDown! The SmackDown! locker room has always had heat on Batista since Batista did interviews where he would be praising the RAW show and putting down SmackDown! to great lengths. Many have gone so far as to say that JBL sand-bagged his three matches with Batista as a way of paying him back for the insults. Batista did hang out with Eddie Guerrero backstage shortly before his death and that won him over some friends, but the fact that Batista thinks he’s a star as big as The Rock or Steve Austin doesn’t help matters. Batista does not carry himself backstage like Triple H or The Undertaker, but he does act superior to midcard veterans who have yet to receive a main-event opportunity as he did. reported that the fight lasted five minutes, though the brawl itself only lasted thirty seconds. From the time the argument started till they were broken up though, five minutes had passed. Booker T got into an argument with Batista over his comments and Booker T apparently gave him many opportunities to back off, as he’s a laid back person by everyone’s standards, but Batista kept going with the argument. Rey Mysterio was there during the argument trying to act as a peacemaker as he most often does backstage and after the fight, the roster shot Batista many dirty looks which left Batista visibly upset since no one stuck up for him.

So far, neither wrestlers has been punished or reprimanded.