More Backstage News On Nitro & Melina To RAW

Partial Source: The Torch Newsletter

The reason behind the storyline of Johnny Nitro and Melina being "fired" from the SmackDown brand at the Judgment Day PPV this past Sunday had mostly, if not all to do with the recent tension between Nitro and Joey Mercury.


Although details are a bit sketchy, the two were not seeing eye-to-eye lately and a decision was made within WWE management to split the team. There was also heavy criticism towards Melina as some within the WWE locker room felt she was acting immature due to the way she has carried herself backstage since being brought up to the SmackDown roster. Melina was often described as being quiet and standoffish to other wrestlers, which some took as having a big ego.

As reported earlier, the plan is to shift both Nitro and Melina over to the RAW brand very soon. Where this leaves Joey Mercury remains to be seen, although some feel he will be attached to the new ECW brand given his former ties to the company when he was known then as Joey Matthews. On a side note, reports stating that an argument between Sharmell and Melina took place and that suspensions by WWE for both would follow were false and not true at all. We will continue to follow this situation as it develops.