More Details On Batista/Booker T Fight - Could It Be Real?

The fight that broke out between Booker T and Batista at the Summerslam commercial shoot may actually not be something that was done for a future WWE storyline. Both men were said to be legitimately swelling later in the evening. Also, Booker T's wife, Sharmell, became involved at the end of the fight, but not physically involved. More details on this incident will be forthcoming. Also, Batista is expected to be back on television in July., a fan site for Batista actually has posted some photos of Batista at the See No Evil premier last night and he is lashed up pretty good.

It should be noted that Booker T has made some offhand, condescending comments in regards to Batista's physique in at least two interviews in the past few years, so there does appear to be some legitimate heat between the two, at least on Booker T's part. In an interview he did last year, Booker T alluded to Batista's alleged steroid use when he said it was going to come back to haunt him when he started tearing muscles. Also, in an interview Booker T did with the now defunct Total Wrestling Magazine in 2002 or 2003 when Batista was just starting out in WWE, he thought Batista's physique looked "freaky" and that he was much too muscular for his own good.