More ECW Contracts Offered, Gordon's Lawsuit Thrown Out, DDP, More

Steve Dunn aka Steve Doll, who was a part of the mid-90's WWF tag team Well Dunn with Timothy Well (Rex King), was in ICU in a hospital in Nashville two weeks ago. He's been suffering several problems since undergoing major back surgery in 2005. There is no word yet on his current status.

Diamond Dallas Page recently opened up a MySpace page at This page is legit as he's trying to promote his Yoga book.

Dave Meltzer reports that Tod Gordon's claim of ownership of the early years of ECW tapes that he filed late last year was thrown out of Bankruptcy court in New York. Gordon claimed that Eastern Championship Wrestling was different from Extreme Championship Wrestling, and thus he thought that he should be the rightful owner of the early ECW tapes. However, his claim was dismissed because Gordon knew of the bankruptcy proceedings five years ago and he didn't make an attempt to claim the tapes until they were already airing on WWE 24/7. Gordon said that he would appeal the ruling.

Danny Doring has been offered an ECW contract, however, Tommy Dreamer pitched him to simply be a referee or utility man.