More On Batista/Booker T, Foley's Heel Turn, Kane, More

The Batista/Booker T fight story appears to be an angle done by WWE to build towards Batista's return to the SmackDown brand after being out with a torn tricep injury that took place earlier this year in January.


As predicted on RAW, Mick Foley officially turned heel tonight when Tommy Dreamer made a return. Edge and Foley then double teamed Dreamer. The fans in the arena seemed confused and didn't really boo Foley. It was announced by the returning Jim Ross that Foley will be making a reason why he turned next week.

WWE Films' first major productions movie, See No Evil, starring Kane has its webpage located at Speaking of the movie, the movie will go against "The King," "Over the Hedge," the highly anticipated "The Da Vinci Code," "Tweleve and Holding," and "Moonlight."