More On ECW's TV Return, Trish/RVD News, Harry Smith, More

Both the The Boston Herald and The Philadelphia Daily News have stories on the WWE's new service where they will be sending video content over mobile phones.

Trish Stratus will be appearing at Rob Van Dam's 5-Star Comics & Wrestling, 1872 Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, CA this Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Also, the store will be holding a raffle where you can win free tickets to next Monday's Raw in Anaheim. Visit for more information.


Harry Smith still claims he is scheduled to debut on the 6/5 Raw show in Pittsburgh. Plans always change in WWE though.

Reader Craig Pollock sent this in: I was on and was checking on the Saturday night timeslots and noticed that in May, USA is showing their 'USA Movie' in the 2 a.m. slot where AM Raw has recently been. In June, the 2 a.m. slot (which is one hour) says 'TBA'. Now I am not one to speculate, however the sat. night at 2 a.m. slot will soon be open on USA.

As noted earlier today, we definitely know that WWE is trying very hard to get a decent timeslot on USA for ECW. While nothing is confirmed, there are many internally who are more than sure that it will happen.