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-WWE is advertising a main event (probably dark match) of The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali and Mark Henry in a handicap match for the upcoming SmackDown! taping on June 20 in Albany, New York. (Thanks to Brian Bellegarde)

-Chris Jericho is included on the VH-1 “History of Metal” show. He’s referred to as former WWE wrestler.

The Hot Topic store is not only selling Degeneration X t-shirts as you guys previously reported, but are also selling classic “Stone Cold” and Rock t-shirts in the Atlanta, GA. area locations. (Thanks to Ron S.)

-A lot of people have said that the RAW digital cable preview says, “A look atthe destruction of The Spirit Squad.” My digital cable preview says, “Did Triple H blatantly defy Mr. McMahon when he destroyed the Spirit Squad?” It looks like the others aren’t a mistake or referencing some kind of Spirit Squadbreak-up angle, but are referring to Triple H attacking the Spirit Squad last week. Figured I’d send this in. (Thanks to Charlie Marsh)

-Former WWE diva Leyla is now a case opener on “Deal Or No Deal” with profile up: (Thanks to Shawn Nagy)