(Credit: PWInsider.com)

The preview for tonight’s RAW on DirecTV says: “Did Triple H blatantly defy Mr. McMahon when he destroyed the Spirit Squad?”

Bloomberg News reported the following. … “The horror film “See No Evil,’ from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., fell to seventh place from sixth with $3.2 million in ticket sales. The film stars professional wrestler Glen Jacobs, also known as Kane, as a psychopathic killer who terrorizes a group of teens assigned to a community service project.”

See No Evil has grossed $9,163,000 overall and considering its a debut for the Big Red Machine has to be seen as a big success for WWE’s debut film. See No Evil was seen on 1,270 screens.

Over at the WWE website features an audio from Michael Cole reporting from the site of tonight’s RAW. He mentioned that there will be huge news regarding ECW on tonight’s show. He said that Heyman’s scouting trip to Smackdown last week has paid off.

Also, he said Mr. McMahon has been tight-lipped about who the new GM will be. Cole said “according to sources” that he was sequestered at his Greenwich home all weekend trying to finalize the deal. He said he wasn’t at the building yet and that “sources” were saying that he is at his hotel suite trying to come to a deal.