is proud to announce the launching of its’ brand new (and improved) discussion forums which are now online at

Prior to this launch, the discussion area was nothing more than a single sub forum on a major pro wrestling discussion board at, the official discussion home of our pro wrestling sister-site

The new and improved forums now feature multiple boards for discussion such as General MMA, Pics & Videos Sharing, Ultimate Fighter, Fantasy MMA League, K-1/Kickboxing, Boxing, and Site Suggestions/Feedback.

In addition to the multiple board feature and new look for the forums, we will be bringing in a lot of pro MMA fighters who you have seen fight in such organizations as the UFC, PRIDE, K-1, WFA, IFL, Strikeforce, WEC, ROTR and others to discuss the sport and their careers with our fan base at

Also keep in mind that unlike other forums, ours will remain no holds barred (no pun intended) as anything goes. We had this concept on the single MMA board at, where we won’t jump to ban, delete threads, etc. for petty reasons. We have no rules and a good example of that is multimedia. A lot of forums don’t allow the posting of video clips, pictures, animated images, and so on from big fight organizations across the country. Not us. Feel free to post any and everything you want on the new forums.

We’ll continue to try and improve the forum set up as in MMA more so than any other sport or form of entertainment, discussion forums seem to be an extremely important feature. So if anyone has any ideas on how we can further improve our already upgraded forum set up, please let us know. You can drop us an email anytime, or the easier way would be to make a post in the “Site Suggestions/Feedback” forum board at We will listen to them all and try our very hardest to accomodate all good ideas presented.

That wraps up this schpiel, so now its’ time for you to head over to the new forums, register, and begin posting! Once we get our membership numbers back to where they were on the old forum and people are posting regularly we will incorporate some of the new ideas such as bringing fighters on to chat with you fans. So visit and register for the new forums and get started!

We’ll see you there!