New Jack/ECW, Mordecai Returning, Styles-ECW-RAW, Loads More

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The attendance for the 4/30 Backlash PPV in Lexington, KY was 14,000.

The word is that Kevin Fertig (ex-Mordecai) has been offered a new developmental deal.


The general belief is that New Jack won't be offered a deal to be apart of the new ECW, but will work with the group on a part-time basis.

WWE has offered Masato Tanaka a full-time contract to be apart of the ECW project, but no word if he'll sign it.

Despite the return of ECW, the decision had already been made to remove Joey Styles from "Raw," and to replace him with Jim Ross. During his time away from the headset, JR was doing payroll in the office.

Tod Gordon's claim of owner of Eastern Championship Wrestling videos was thrown out in a New York bankruptcy court. Gordon is claiming he will appeal the ruling.