– In Scandinavia, Hogan Knows Best, season one, just started airing on MTV.

– On an interesting note, last night on ESPN, Cleveland Indians outfielder, Jason Michales, was referred to as, “The Heartbreak Kid.”

– Tomorrow night RAW kicks off in Anaheim. On the show it will feature the full-time return of Jim Ross. The main event will feature Foley vs. Edge and it is beginning of a new Foley storyline in a different direction with an attempt to freshen up his character leading to the ECW PPV show.

– The June 7, 2006 USA Network special in Dayton was originally designed to get the ECW brand going, but it is being advertised locally as a special Wednesday Night RAW, and all of the promotion is around the main RAW names like Triple H, Edge, John Cena, etc. appearing. There is a brief mention of ECW in the ad but it’s buried.