News On Randy Orton's Relationship With Women

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

The basic gist of Randy Orton's speculated problems with women are that if they treat him like "God's gift to women," and many do, there are no problems. However, he's said to not cope well with women who either reject him, or don't treat him like "God's gift to women."


When that's the case, he goes off on these particular females with some blunt language. In the past, he has been verbally abusive to women performers, women who work in the company (causing fines) and women who work with WWE, such as hotel employees. Orton openly jokes about how much money he's paid in fines, and he he continues to do so.

If Randy Orton wasn't hand-picked at one point to be the WWE's next "Rock", it is likely that he would have been released by now.