Official WWE RAW Preview For Next Week

Sin City Showdown
By Louie Dee
May 22, 2006

Nothing is a safe bet as RAW rolls into Las Vegas on May 22.

After getting screwed out of his one-on-one rematch with John Cena last week, Triple H nailed Shane McMahon with a sledgehammer during the main event. The Game said it was an accident, but Mr. McMahon s reaction leads me to assume that this won t help the strained relationship between the Cerebral Assassin and the Chairman. With a week to assess the damage, will Mr. McMahon have anything to say about the incident?

It will be May 22 when RAW is live again, meaning that Kane s movie See No Evil will be in theatres nationwide. So with that magical opening date having passed, will Kane still be tormented by the voices in his head, and will we know exactly why Kane is freaked out by May&uh, the day after May 18?

Last week, the mysterious woman attacked Mickie James again, and Trish Stratus introduced her as the Women s Champion s old friend Beth. Beth then told Mickie that she d never let her get away with what she did. I know I m not the only one wondering exactly what it is&so will we find out on Monday night?

Tune into RAW Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA network to find out.