Rey Mysterio was featured on “Diamondbacks Insider” on FSN Arizona. The showed his opening pitch which he threw last weekend. Rey also said that he was nervous, he looked very excited to be there. The pitch was over the plate, a pretty good pitch. It was also mentioned that D-Backs star, outfielder Luis Gonzalez is a huge wrestling fan.

There are edits in the WrestleMania 22 DVD. Particularly in the Mickie James/Trish Stratus match, mainly at the end. When Mickie grabs Trish between the legs, Mickie was licking her fingers on the pay per view. On the DVD, that it s edited out. Also edited out is the botched finish with the Stratusfaction.

Terry Funk appeared on CNN this morning. During CNN’s American Morning program, there was a story about airport luggage at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas. They briefly spoke with Terry Funk and his wife regarding the ability to check in for your flight at hotels as opposed to the airport terminal. Terry Funk’s name was not mentioned, nor did they make any mention of his being a wrestler.