There has been a lot of talk that Rhino will be jumping back to WWE for the new ECW project. Earlier this year, he did talk with WWE and told them he would be able to get out of his TNA contract. Talks died down soon after that though, but in the last few weeks, Rhino feels like TNA has screwed him over a few things, especially his short title reign. It’s being reported that he talked with John Lauranitis within the last month. His departure from the company last year wasn’t based on anything having to do with Rhino’s talent, rather just the fact that Rhino went mental in the lobby of the hotel during WrestleMania and even threw a large potted plant. Many in TNA see Rhino’s current program with Team Canada as Rhino’s way of doing the job before leaving the company. On a related note, Rhino injured his ribs at Sacrifice, but has said he will be fine.

In another John Lauranitis blunder, he pulled Great Khali off of all house shows instead of giving Khlai time to work with veterans and improve since there were still plans for the giant after Judgment Day. When Jim Ross was in charge of booking house shows, he was very keen to the mindset of putting great veterans with young guys so the rookies could be groomed as future stars. The Rock, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Edge, and even Christian all went through this. The guy best suited in the SmackDown! locker room, William Regal, has only worked one house show tour so far this year. Nothing is going to change anytime soon though since Vince McMahon is apparently completely pleased with Lauranitis’ skill. Regarding Khali’s squash of Rey Mysterio several weeks ago, every person in the company saw it as a stupid idea that killed not only Rey, but the PPV, the Hispanic Audience, San Diego, and the World Title itself. Vince could not be convinced otherwise about the angle and was insistent. When it was all said and done, he supposedly realized it wasn’t the best idea and there was a lot of damage control to be done now.

WWE management’s excuse of Mark Henry’s push is that the SmackDown! roster lacks top heels, though many do not believe this at all since SmackDown! has many mid-carder heels especially in Booker T who has main evented in the past and WWE basically built up an unknown heel in JBL in 2004 and gave him a title run.