Shortstack Comments On WWE Signing, Finlay & More

The following is from Shortstack's My Space page:

It hasn't quite hit me yet...

So, for those of you who didn't hear about it at all, Monday night I flew down to Cincinatti for Smackdown on Tuesday. They called me up and said that they wanted me to get an outfit/costume and we would go from there (practice promos, pre-tapes, pictures, etc.). I'm not going to go into everything like I have with others, but if you want to know just ask me and I'll tell ya. I get to the arena on Tuesday, eat quick, and immediately am called a "fatty" by Paul London. Anyways the day goes on, a bunch of us talk about a certain indy worker that people who don't even know him, know of him and don't like him, so that was fun. Then the good part...

Fit (Finlay) comes up to me and tell me to put my costume on, we are going to meet with Vince, and then do pictures. So I get dressed and we go into Vince's office. The first thing he says to me is "Wow, we definately need you on board with us." My heart just dropped. Now I was told I could get signed earlier in the day, but now this is coming from the boss himself, so I knew it was a for sure thing. Then he asks me "So are you opposed to cutting your hair?" I think my heart sank more on this question, than the previous. So sadly, I have to get rid of the long, golden locks of mine, and get a hair cut like Finlay's. Damn its going to be short.

So in the end, I'm going to be signing on with WWE next week officially. They are going to have a contract ready for me and we'll go from there. As I said before, it hasn't hit me quite yet, but I'm sure it will soon.

Thanks to all who have supported me once again!