SmackDown! Tapings, RAW Note, Jericho, Undertaker/Henry/Khali, More

Partial Source: PWInsider

If anyone is attending the SmackDown taping tonight in San Diego, we would appreciate a report from the show by emailing us here.

Patrick Harris sent word that the local UPN station in Minneapolis will be airing SmackDown the next two weeks on Saturday (May 14 and May 21) at Midnight. The show is scheduled to return to Friday night starting May 28.


Local advertising for the 6/20 SmackDown! taping in Albany, NY is advertising a three-way dark match featuring The Undertaker, Mark Henry, & The Great Khali.

Android Apocalypse, the movie featuring Chris Jericho, will debut on the SciFi Channel on 6/24 at 9PM ET.

Music producer Rick Rubin was backstage at RAW last night.