**SPOILERS** Complete WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to Guy Bogard for sending in the following SmackDown! taping report:

Just got back from the smackdown taping in San Diego. Show was sold out with 99% of the people there to see Rey Mysterio.

For Velocity:
-Funaki pinned Sylvan
-Matt Hardy pinned Simon Dean
-Chris Benoit beat William Regal with the crossface in a very good match
-Gunner Scott pinned Orlando Jordan in a match with several boring chants

SmackDown started with a JBL interview. He ran down Latinos and said after Judgment Day Rey & his family can work for him with Rey mowing the grass,his wife cooking his food & his children shining his shoes.He said if Rey didn't want to work for him then he could sell drugs or work at the donkey show in Tijuana.Rey attacked him and ran him off

Kurt Angle was shown arriving.He talked with Teddy Long in the back & Long made Henry vs. Angle for Judgment Day

Super Crazy beat Nunzio & Kid Kash to become number 1 contender to the cruiserweight title in a good match.

Gymini beat Tom Wellington & Joey Ryan

Angle was shown leaving the building

Booker T came out and said he didn't want to beat Angle by forfeit in KOR.He challenged Angle to came out but he never did since he'd already left and Booker & Sharmell celebrated.

Lashley pinned Finlay to go to the finals of KOR
This was a long match with Finlay mostly keeping Lashley on the mat with armbars and headlocks.Crowd started to get tired of it and were booing.Finish saw the ref distracted and Finlay used a chair but Lashley no sold it and hit the spear for the win.

MNM came out and bragged about laying out London & Kendrick last week.Jillian Hall came out and challenged Melina to a fight.London and Kendrick came through the crowd and it ended with all 3 members of MNM in their underwear.

Mark Henry pinned Paul Burchill in a match where Burchill got no offense.

Nunzio and Vito were talking in the back and when Vito left Orlando Jordan told Nunzio that when they were in England OJ went to a club and saw a guy dressed in drag that looked exactly like Vito.Nunzio told him to back off.

Great Khali squashed Rey Mysterio
They did a stare down and the size difference was amazing.JBL was on commentary and was attacked again by Rey before the match.Rey's only offensive move was a springboard dropkick which Khali no sold.He ended up pinning Rey with one foot on his chest.Basically Rey was made out to look like a midget jobber.The crowd wasn't nearly as upset at Rey's treatment as I would of thought but I saw a lot of little kids lose interest and not pay attention to the dark match three way.

After the match JBL got in Rey's face as he was down and commented that his family was watching from the front row and said that next week he wouldn't believe who he had to face.

In a dark match Rey retained over Henry & JBL.JBL's body was noticeably softer than just last week.Rey hit the 619 on JBL and pinned him with a frog splash and celebrated a long time to end the show.