**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to PWInsider.com for these:


William Regal & Sylvan over Amish Roadkill & Casey James w/ Michelle McCool.

Road Warrior over Paul Birchell w/ a lady friend (?).

Bobby Lashley over TJ Dalton.

Gregory Helms over Mike Altiri (?). Mike Altiri announced from Cincinnati but appears to be Mikey Batts formerly of TNA.

Matt Hardy over Orlando Jordan.


Smackdown opened when Rey Mysterio came out to talk about being champ. JBL came out and confronted him. JBL mentions the illegal immigrant protests. blah blah blah – JBL says that he beat both him & Eddie. Rey says that he doesn't back down from a fight. JBL brings out Rey's opponent for tonight: Mark Henry.

Booker T over Gunner Scott. Booker got on top of the announce table after the match and said to bad Angle got hurt because he was going to beat him.

Kendrick & London v. MNM was announced for the belts but MNM came through the crowd from behind and took them out.

Vignette shown on Tatanka featuring a "cleansing" ceremony with the Lakota nation. Another vignette promised for next week. Tatanka previously announced these at the WM22 breakfast in Chicago.

KOTR: Finlay over Chris Benoit – mostly technical mat work but pretty good.

Mark Henry w/ JBL over Rey Mysterio.

Time for the dark main event, and what was locally advertised as the main event, JBL v. Mark Henry v. Rey Mysterio. The match saw Rey pin JBL.