**SPOILERS** WWE Smackdown! Taping Results

**SPOILERS** WWE Smackdown! Taping Results

Thanks to Matt Barth for sending in the following report:

Hey, got back a couple of hours ago from the Smackdown taping and I was pleasantly suprised as the last time the WWE did TV here we got the awful live Dawn Marie/Al Wilson wedding. I apologize now if I miss any details, I didn't take notes.

The arena was fairly packed and the crowd was stoked to see Rey Mysterio considering Eddie Guerrero's ties to the area and the majority of fans being Hispanic makes for a very pro-Rey crowd.

Velocity started with Sylvan taking on Eddie something who was announced as an Albuquerque native. Most the crowd was not impressed and Sylvan picked up the win with a TKO.

Next match saw Paul Burchill against Simon Dean. Back and forth match that ended with Burchill taking a swig from his flask in the corner and spraying the drink into Dean's face. A Walk the Plank later and Dean was crying his way out on his Segway.

Next out was a team of jobbers against Kid Kash and Jamie Noble who were doing a Rick Steiner/Pitbulls gimmick complete with chained collars. The crowd wasn't sure what to make of the team as Kash kept barking while Noble kept crawling on his knees biting his opponents. Finish came when Noble hoisted one jobber up in a powerbomb as Kash clotheslined him from the top.

Next up was a non-title match between Cruiserweight champ Gregory Helms and the Mexicools's Psicosis. Fairly standard Cruiserweight action ended when Helms hit the Eye of the Hurricane move and pinned Psicosis clean.

Final Velocity match was Nunzio and Vito versus Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki. The crowd really didn't do much here even after Scotty hit the work on Nunzio. Most of the match Nunzio fought off the faces until getting the tag to Vito who leveled Funaki with the Yakuza Kick. Both teams exit and Scotty and Funaki return and demand an immediate rematch which ends quickly with Funaki suffering a Swinging DDT from Vito.

We see a Wrestlemania recap leading into the start of Smackdown where we see the recent JBL/Rey events with JBL setting Rey up in matches with much larger opponents. After the recap, JBL rides out and talks about how he's going to beat Rey just like he beat Eddie and promises Rey will never forget tonight.

First match is a 6 person tag match between MNM and Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Jillian. Decent tag match that spent most of the time with Nitro and Mercury grounding Kendrick until the tag to London leads to all the guys clearing out. From here the crowd finally gets a catfight that one of the MNM guys breaks up. London and Kendrick clear out Nitro and Mercury and block Melina's escape so she can turn into a Jillian top-rope crossbody for the pin. Live note: Melina's entrance is a lovely thing and her scream is even more annoying in person.

We see the King of the Ring throne and robe set up and Lashley comes out to demolish a jobber. I couldn't help but scream out "You're not Monty Brown!" Lashley set up for the spear but it didn't work and we didn't get a Dominator. Quick and easy match that allows Lashley to have a seat in the throne which brings out a furious Booker T and Sharmell. Once Booker makes it to the ring he's joined by Finlay as they teamup against Gunner Scott and Chris Benoit. Match starts with Gunner getting some good shots in but Finlay and Booker's experience leads to them gaining the edge. Gunner finally gets the hot tag and Benoit cleans house. Booker slows Benoit down and slams him into the steel steps outside the ring where Finlay is able to use the shelaignley. Benoit fights off the pin attempts and tags Gunner back in who again gets beat down. Finally a full brawl breaks out and Benoit takes Finlay out of the ring leaving Booker with Gunner. Book gets cocky and finds himself on the business end of a crucifix pin for the upset 3 count. Book freaks out and Lashley shrugs and smirks from the throne.

Around here we see a video of Tatanka working to become a Lakota warrior but everyone was more interested in the "We Want Rey" chant.

Next up was Mark Henry against Matt Hardy. Almost everyone in my section was confused as the main event had been advertised as JBL/Rey/Mark Henry Triple Threat in a cage. As expected a short match with Hardy trying to hit his moves. He connected with a Youdling Leg Drop but his Side Effect and Twist of Fate attempts were powered out and Henry hits a quick World's Strongest Slam for the pin. Henry then takes a mic and tells Kurt Angle he's going to finish what he started.

Around here Daivari shows up and shows the world why the Undertaker is afraid of the Giant Gonzale...I mean the Great Khali. The video includes highlights of Taker beating HHH, Ric Flair, etc then the beatdown and the attack on Rey last week. After the highlights, Khali comes out and takes the mic and I honestly believe cuts a promo in a different language. Granted the sound in Tingley Coliseum isn't amazing but I don't think anyone understood a single word. Kahli finishes and walks out with Daivari.

Main event time! Sadly my recollection of this is a bit scattered because of a fight that broke out toward the end and everyone was trying to get kids out of the way. JBL comes out and heads to join Tazz and Cole at the announce table and Rey comes out to an enormous ovation. Rey gets to the ring and JBL insists he get a mic. JBL then starts to run down Rey talking about how tired he looks and doubts he even knows where he is. JBL then reminds Rey he's in Albuquerque, North Mexico (which got a good laugh) and then suggests Rey doesn't even know what day Friday is. Rey takes the bait and yells out "May 19th!" JBL starts jumping and yells out "I didn't say it!" and the stage explodes for Kane to make a hustle to beat down Rey. Rey attempts to put up a fight but Kane keeps the offense going until the red lights and flaming mask appear and the voices begin to chant "May 19th." Kane freaks out and grabs his head near the ropes while JBL screams for him to "not go crazy and destroy Rey." The distraction allows Rey to hit the 619 to drop Kane. Rey goes for the springboard to sit on Kane but Kane catches Rey on the landing. JBL insists Kane destroy Mysterio that Mysterio was the one who said "May 19th" and Kane chokeslams JBL for the slip. Kane calls for the fire and exits with Rey and JBL laid out. Out comes Mark Henry who says he was promised a Triple Threat title match and he wants it now. When he gets to the ring JBL rolls himself on Rey causing Henry to break up the pin. JBL and Henry argue about who should get the pin with JBL finally shoving Henry and they begin to fight. Henry and JBL take the fight outside the ring and Henry runs into a corner post allowing JBL to roll back to beat down Rey. JBL hits the Clothesline from Texa...Hell but Rey kicks out at 2. JBL becomes irrate and beats Rey down but can't get the pin so he begins to mock Eddie even using the Tres Amigos suplexes. JBL catches Rey and goes for the Last Call but Rey reverses into a DDT and almost gets the 3 but Mark Henry returns just in time to break it up. Mysterio lands some nasty kicks to Henry' head and knocks him outside giving Rey the chance to hit the 619 on JBL followed by a springboard splash for the 3.End of match Rey celebrates with little energy and you can see his nose is bleeding. Crowd cheers Rey for about 10 minutes and Rey walks out and everyone goes home.

Again, much better show than last time, though nothing really memorable happened.