Stacy Keibler's WWE Contract, D-X Return Spoiler, More

Stacy Keibler made an appearance on the "Preakness Special" on ESPN earlier today with "Dancing with the Stars" competitor Kenny Mayne. When Keibler was asked about going back to wrestling, she said her contract with WWE expires in July and wasn't sure if she would be doing anything with the WWE before then. Keibler was also asked if she had any plans of returning to wrestling after her contract expires with WWE. She said the best career choice for her at this point was to take a break from wrestling and focus on some new opportunities in Hollywood at the moment. She joked that she would be willing to wrestle Jerry Rice, who she competed against on ABC, if she made a return to WWE.

As reported earlier this morning, posted a video promo hyping the return of DX at the Vengeance PPV next month on June 25. The video was set to the DX theme music featuring clips of Shawn Michaels and Triple H from the DX era of their respective careers with a voiceover saying quote, "At Vengeance...DX returns." The video was removed a few hours later after the link was featured all over the internet. This is not the first instance of DX's expected return at the Vengeance PPV as Viewer's Choice Canada, the official website for the Charlotte Bobcats Arena (where the PPV will be held) and a poster for the event have all stated DX would be returning at the PPV. It is always possible WWE could have a change of heart about this situation and possibly hold off on the reunion of DX, but either way the stable is expected to make a return to WWE.