Stephanie Pregnant Photo, SmackDown, Royal Rumble

- Recently, has posted a picture of the pregnant Stephanie McMahon-Levesque at the See No Evil premiere. The photo is very blurry, but you can still make out the baby. To view the photo:


- has added a video of the CW Upfront presentation featuring many stars of shows such as "Runaway" and "Everbody Hates Chris." The video is to plug SmackDown!'s move to the new network.

- There are tons of advertising going around in New York. As of this past weekend, there was a big billboard advertising the upcoming 2007 Royal Rumble PPV featuring Vince McMahon in a Roman outfit with the words "You call this a theater?" and giving a thumbs down. There are also garbage cans all over the city with Mysterio, Booker T, Batista, Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme. The New York buses have banners for Nacho Libre, and there are also huge banners for the "See No Evil" at Madison Square Garden. (The Wrestling Observer)