From A Warrior Returns
By Brett Hoffman
May 26, 2006

After months of preparation, Tatanka will return to the ring tonight on SmackDown. When he does, the WWE fans will notice a change in the Native American warrior. In recent weeks, the proud new member of the Lakota Nation has gone through a series of ancient Indian ceremonies, the Inipi, and the Hunka. The Inipi, a traditional cleansing ceremony is a rite of purification for the Lakota. The Hunka ceremony by definition is the making of a relative, and marks the initiation of the newest member to the tribe. met with a focused Tatanka early this afternoon to get some thoughts on his highly anticipated return to the ring.

The anxious warrior explained the importance of the ceremonies as he makes his return to the SmackDown battlefield. The Inipi ceremony is a great test. It challenges both your body and your spirit. When I emerged from the sweat lodge, I was a better man and a stronger warrior. The Hunka ceremony was also a powerful experience. Through the ceremony, I became a part of the Lakota Nation. Now, I have the support of not only my fans, but of an entire nation of Native Americans.

In the Lakota tribe, Tatanka means buffalo. The name is now more appropriate than ever as tonight, Tatanka will carry the power of both a buffalo and the pride of an Indian nation on his shoulders when he returns to the SmackDown ring.

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