Tazz's Role In ECW, Backstage ECW Controversy Already, More

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com Newsletter

It's possible Tazz will be brought back into the fold for the ECW return as some ideas floating around having him do color commentary with Joey Styles during shows, which is the least likely of the scenerios being discussed. The most likely would see Tazz serve as a TV character to help give the "rub" to a young unknown coming up in ECW, to help establish that person as the new shoot-fighting type wrestler in the promotion.

Many in WWE are arguing that taping ECW shows before SmackDown! as planned will hurt the product if that structure isn't changed. Due to the differences in quality of the ECW and SmackDown! rosters, ECW will be relying heavily on lots of blood, violence, and other gimmicks in a non-comedic way to make the product exciting and successful. If they do over-use gimmicks to hide the talent level of the ECW wrestlers, it will make it hard for the live crowd to "get up" for SmackDown!, which will be regular wrestling matches and backstage skits aired on a giant TV screen to the live audience.