The Rock's Future Looking Good, Hart Career Change, WWE 24/7 Update

Today I got Comcast cable installed but had to go to the main office to pick up a DVR box. While I was there I asked if they had any additional info on WWE 24/7, the lady was very helpful and seemed to actually take her job seriously. She looked up an email she knew she had gotten on it in the last couple of days and the target time frame for it to be available is Late Summer/Early Fall, and the price will be $7.99. Whether that is just the price in Jacksonville or the entire Comcast community will obviously remain to be seen. (Thanks to Paul Zimmerman)

Smackdown was preempted last night due to the UPN station showing the UK Baseball game. UK baseball is ranked in the Top 10 for the first time in forever. So I can understand their decision. (Thanks to John F.)

Today's Calgary Sun has an article about Ross Hart (brother of Bret and Owen) trying his hand at acting. To read it, visit (Thanks to Mike K.)

WWE has posted the real cards for their upcoming Isreal tour (as usual the line up may change). You can check out the cards for both the 7/27 and 7/28 dates over at (Thanks to Gery Roif)

The trailer for the Rock's latest movie "Gridiron Gang" is now online. To see it, visit It looks quite good! The movie is due out on September, 15. (Thanks to Michael LeBlanc)