(Credit: PWInsider.com)

The following is the updated lineup for the June 29 SmackDown event in Puerto Rico:

– WWE World champion Rey Misterio vs. Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle
– WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble & Kid Kash
– WWE United States champion Bobby Lashley vs. Booker T
– Tatanka vs. Mr. Kennedy
– Matt Hardy vs. Finlay
– Gunner Scott vs. Sylvan
– The Undertaker vs. Great Khali
– Super Crazy vs. Gregory Helms

WWE will also be making stops in The Dominican Republic and Panama City on the Caribbean tour.

Former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones is in the new Jet Li film titled “Fearless.”

In the Washington Post features an article regarding the Rock’s upcoming film “Southland Tales” which has been the most critically panned film that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.