TNA News: Juventud Guerrera, Homicide, Shane Douglas

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Juventud Guerrera inquired about working for TNA last week. Considering that his name was never even considered when they badly needed a Mexican wrestler for the World X Cup when Abismo Negro was out, his chances of joining TNA don’t look too good.

Homicide is in line for a push. When TNA brought him in, he told them that his shoulder wasn’t in good shape and that he’s be limited to brawls. His shoulder got better, however, he never told anyone that. A Homicide & Senshi vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels match may be in the cards so he can finally have a chance to show what he can do.

Shane Douglas is set to become the manager of The Naturals. He observed Chase Stevens getting beat down on Impact last week. After Chase Stevens was choked out by Samoa Joe on Impact last week, Andy Douglas did a run-in. TNA wanted Andy to cry in this segment, but he didn’t for whatever reason. Also, Stevens got some backstage heat because he was supposed to be selling the beating, and he got up and flipped out of the ring like The Rockers used to do in the eighties.

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