According to CNN, Rick Steiner was dismissed as a candidate for a seat on a Georgia-area school board due to the fact that he registered under his stage name instead of his given name, Robert Rechsteiner. (Thanks to Rosa Franklin)

Just thought you might like to know I saw Triple H in a miller lite beer commercial also featuring Burt Reynolds, Eddie Griffin and others. (Thanks to Bryan)

Over at Movie Web, they have an interview with Kane about See No Evil. It was promoted on the front page. The interview seems like Kane was out of character. They discuss this being the first film from WWE Films. (Thanks to Stone Cold Jedi Matt)

On June 5th it look s like that WWE are going to bring back Edge in the Title hunt as the June 5th RAW is advertising the main event as John Cena vs. Edge in a Street Fight for the WWE Title. (Thanks to Mazin360)

I just got an email from WWE advertising a RAW show in Kingston on June 17th and it states that the main event(s) for this show are: HHH vs Edge vs John Cena for the WWE Championship and Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels vs The Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Championship. (Thanks to Wesley Shipp)