Umaga's Huge Push, WWE's Next Giant, Henry-WWE, More

Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

Although plans can change depending on crowd reactions, Umaga is being built up for a main event-level push after Summerslam, likely as a top heel challenger to Batista after months of plowing through opponents. One of the talents would obviously need to swap brands.


New Japan management were invited backstage to the SmackDown taping in San Diego. WWE VP of Talent Relations John Ace Laurenaitis was backstage at the Inoki Dojo show in Santa Monica, CA on May 7. TNA wrestler Frankie Kazarian, who recently cut his hair, asked to be booked on the show. He teamed with Aaron Aguilera.

WWE has restructured Mark Henry s ten year contract that he had signed in 1996. He is being paid less money and the contract expires at the end of the year.

The man Jerry Jarrett brought to WWE headquarters in 2005 for an interview wrestled his first match against Rob Conway at the May 5 Raw house show in San Jose. The initial indication is that Oleg is a stiff hitter, but he isn't impressive and the fans aren't sure how to react to him.