Vince Happy With Grisham, Stacy Update, WWE In Trouble, More

As noted on WWE's website, Todd Grisham called Heat this week solo since Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman is moving out of his role as an announcer for the company and simply as a character on TV.

On a related note, Vince McMahon was said to be very happy with Grisham's commentary during the main event of RAW last Monday.


According to reports, the state of Kentucky will be fining WWE for their use of blood at the Backlash PPV last Sunday in Lexington. It is no secret that WWE was fully aware of the state's rules against blood usage at pro wrestling events, a rule that was first put into place after the IWA promotion and their heavy use of blood at events. It should be noted that Ohio Valley Wrestling uses fake blood in Louisville at TV tapings to prevent from being fined. It really is no surprise that WWE did this as they did a similar action in Maryland when Vince McMahon wrestled his daughter Stephanie in a match that was against the state's rules. When that took place, WWE was aware of the rule and said along the lines of "where do we send the check." The general feeling is that Vince McMahon will do whatever he wants and will pay any fine when it is over.


Stacy Keibler was at the Kentucky Derby yesterday.