Lillian is announced and comes down to the ring to sing the National Anthem. After she finishes, she introduces J.R. and the King. The Unlimited feed seemed to be shaky in the beginning as the video kept stalling.

*Kane tosses Benjamin back in and he rolls out to the other side. Kane catches him and goes to slam him as Benjamin reverses and pushes Kane into the ring post. He follows up with a slam (almost a short Angle Slam) on the outside. He rolls Kane back on the apron and gets in the ring to deliver a hard kick, sending him to the floor. He gets him back in and hits a running elbow drop. Benjamin continues with punches and kicks to Kane’s head. He hits kicks to the gut in the corner and Kane comes back with a hard shot to the face. He hits a hard uppercut as we go back live.

*Kane slowly starts to get back up and he jumps at the ref who tries to check on him. The camera goes on a kid with a stunned look on his face (who gets his head pushed down by the fan in front of him.) Kane gets out of the ring and walks back up the ramp while holding and hanging his head.

*Todd Grisham is out with three signed John Cena shirts (pop from crowd for the shirts,) for whoever can correctly answer trivia. First question is who was WCW Champion the first time it was defended in a WWE ring: Chris Jericho, Booker T, or DDP? The guy said Booker and got it right. Next question is which tag team defeated the New Age Outlaws in December of 1998 in Tacoma: Kane and Mankind, Kane and X-Pac, or Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock? The girl said Kane and X-Pac and it was Bossman and Shamrock. Last question was who made his debut on July 3rd, 2001 in Tacoma: Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerrero, or RVD? He said Helms and got it right.

*The annoying school bell brings out Matt Striker who says its Memorial Day. The camera zooms in on his ‘World’s Greatest Teacher’ mug and he asks the crowd if anyone knows the origin of the day. He says it began in 1865 after the Civil War when soliders got honored at Arlington National Cemetery in the only Washington that matters, Washington D.C. Striker mentions two serial killers from Tacoma, including Ted Bundy who the crowd actually pops for. Striker says the lesson here is simple: If you pay attention you can be educated and enlightened, just like your teacher Matt Striker.

*Jerry Lawler addressed the crowd about ECW. I couldn’t get the details as the video continued to stall and disconnect. It’s becoming a problem and I’m unsure whether it’s my computer or the Unlimited feed. I apologize nonetheless.

*RVD held up the briefcase at the top of the ramp and saluted the crowd as his music played. The ring crew begins putting down a red canvas carpet and brings in the podiums for the Heyman/Foley debate. The ECW music plays and Paul Heyman makes his way out to the ring. Mick Foley’s music hits and he comes out with the Hardcore Championship.

*Todd is back out to check out the signs in the crowd. They included: Vince Please Buy the Blazers, I Drove 300 Miles With 2 Kids, Marry Me Mickie, Vince Mcmahon: Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare, Edge + Foley = Hardcore, Make Me GM, HBK: Talent on Loan From God, and Kiss Me Lillian Please. The guy holding the last sign was in the front row and Lillian came over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

*Maria comes out for the Kiss Cam. The first couple wouldn’t do it and the guy opened a sign that said “She’s my Sister.” Maria double dog-dared three guys to kiss each other and they didn’t. Most of the other couples did kiss.

*The Spirit Squad’s music hits and the four “SpiritJacks” come to the ring.

*Triple H slams Kenny’s head on the steel steps and throws him back in the ring. He hits a vertical suplex which the crowd pops big for. He poses and the crowd roars as he crotch-chops and hits a knee-drop. He gets a two count and starts to choke Kenny on the bottom rope. Crowd chants ‘DX’ as Triple H hits a drop-elbow and a slam. Another drop-elbow and the corwd chants ‘Triple H.’ Kenny fights back and the two exchange blows as we go back live.