What You Didn't See On WWE RAW Last Night

(Credit: Dwayne Romine & WrestlingObserver.com)

WWE Dark Match:

Deuce and Domino (The Untouchables) w/ the girl on roller skates over Eddie Perez and MVP

WWE Dark Match/WWE Heat (not sure)

Charlie Haas over Akio (Jimmy Yang)


WWE Heat

Big Show over 2 jobbers (never were introduced....I checked HWA's website and didn't see them there.)
Matt Striker over Brian Jennings
Viscera over Lance Cade by DQ when Cade smashed Vis with a chair on the outside


Cena over HHH and Edge in a triple threat cage match in like 6 minutes. The non TV cage was really flimsy, to the point I think any of them could have escaped under the bottom to the floor on one side. Not sure how it sounded on TV, but Cena had the women and kids on his side, HHH the men, as has been the pattern.

As far as Joey Styles' speech, I don't think busting on the fans at the end was the way to go. It got him heat, and I think it killed the reaction when he said I quit. But I like wrestling, so what do I know? They may make ECW the heels in the whole thing. I still don't know what that would accomplish....but hey, we shall see.